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New Main Raid Schedule (Updated 11/20)
Keep current schedule (Fri- progression, Sat-main t3) (14/32)
Move crafting to Sat and full Progress Friday & Sunday (2/32)
Move main t3 to Friday (with crafting), Progression Saturday & Sunday (8/32)
Keep current but remove Sundays (4/32)
Move main t3 to Friday, Progression Saturday, Remove Sunday (4/32)
About Dark Fury

Members of Dark Fury value each other and train hard. They enjoy both PvP combat and raids against avatars of evil from as far north as Atzel’s Approach to the unspeakable terrors that lay waiting south of the River Styx. The clansmen work well together to accomplish all that each desires to achieve.

Dark Fury currently runs its operations from a tier 3 keep out of Poitain. Biding its time and developing an unstoppable war machine, Dark Fury is soon to engage in large scale siege warfare against the battle keeps of those that threaten its existence.

Dark Fury will help power-level your lowbies to the coveted 80 so you can reach your end-game potential. We raid several times a week and have a strong base of mature, male and female, players. Join us and smash some heads.

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